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  Wuxi Han Kai Technology Co. Ltd is a science and technology enterprise equipment key parts of artificial intelligence of foreign R & D and production of high-tech SMEs in Jiangsu Province, set up by engaged in the manufacture of precision CNC machining and mold design, the elite in large foreign enterprises, has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company management team as "returnees" technology leadership, Mr. Liu, who worked in the world's top 500 -- Flextronics (Singapore) company, responsible for the mold design and manufacture, rich with over 20 years experience in mechanical processing industry, was named the CAM senior engineer.

  As an artificial intelligence equipment and automation precision machinery key parts manufacturer, Kai Han, Wuxi, sticks to an efficient and pragmatic style of work, constantly learning and improving himself, and strive to achieve the best.

  Business classification: (1) the manufacture of precision mechanical parts. Such as aviation, communications, automotive, automation equipment and other accessories; (2) a variety of flexible fixture components; (3) robot Guan Jian RV reducer design, development, assembly and sales; and engaged in the import and export of these products business.

  The factory is located in Jiangsu District of Wuxi province Xin Jin Lu Mei Village No. 108, covers an area of 600 square meters. The company is currently the main equipment has 5 sets of CNC machining centers, EDM slow silk 1, CNC 3 CNC lathes, universal grinding machine 2 sets, 2 sets of universal raidial milling machine and machining equipment.

  The company team has always put the customer satisfaction in the first place to get the best return on the investment. We not only provide processing, but also provide a solution to the success of the enterprise, Kayhan people will do their best to serve the machinery processing enterprises. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.

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